Sawan Somvar Vrat: The Meaning, Rituals, and Advantages of Fasting During Sawan's Holy Month

The Sawan Somvar Vrat, also known as the Monday fasting custom of the Sawan (Shravan) month, has immense cultural and religious significance for devotees of Lord Shiva. Seeking blessings, performing penance, and promoting spiritual development are the focus of this blessed month. We shall explore the enduring customs, rites, and multiple advantages of observing the Sawan Somvar Vrat in this blog post. Discover the meaning of this sacred fasting practise by travelling with us on this spiritual trip.

On account of Adhik Maas, Sawan month will begin as of July 4, 2023. The end of Shravan month, which could last up to two months, is set for August 31, 2023. The month of Shravana is regarded as the most lucky one.

Mythology Stories Tied to Sawan Somvar Vrat

The story of Sawan vrat Katha, as told in the Skanda Purana, begins with Goddess Sati chose against her father’s wishes to wed Lord Shiva.When she saw her husband, Shiva, being humiliated at her father’s house, she married him but gave up on life. Later on, she underwent reincarnation and became Goddess Parvati, the child of Parvat Raj Himalaya and Naina. To make him her better half, she put in a month of intense penance and Tapasya. She came to Shiva as his beloved lover as a result of accomplishing her aspirations.

Due to the continued popularity of this tradition, girls still keep fasts on sixteen consecutive Mondays (Solah Somvar) in an effort to find a mate who resembles Lord Shiva.

Here is the full calendar.

  • Tuesday, July 4, 2023: Month of Shravan begins.
  • Monday, July 10, 2023: First Sawan Somwar fast.
  • Monday, July 17, 2023: Second Sawan Somwar fast.
  • Monday, July 24, 2023: Third Sawan Somwar fast.
  • Monday, July 31, 2023: Fourth Sawan Somwar fast.
  • Monday, August 7, 2023: Fifth Sawan Somwar fast.
  • Monday, August 14, 2023:  Sixth Sawan Somwar fast.
  • Monday, August 21, 2023: Senventh Sawan Somwar fast.
  • Monday, August 28, 2023: Eighth Sawan Somwar fast.
  • Thursday, August 31, 2023: Last day of Shravan.

The Shravan Month’s History 

Hindu mythology claims that poison came up from the river during the battle between the Devas and the Asuras. To save the human race, Lord Shiva consumed all the poison. This incident happened in the month of Shravan. Lord Shiva’s body temperature soared as a result. Following the Hindu gods’ custom of pouring Gangajal on Lord Shiva, which is still practised by followers today, Lord Shiva put the moon on his head, which helped to cool his temperature.

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Somvar Vrat Puja Vidhi

  • On Vrat day, wake up early in the morning, take a bath and wear fresh clothes.
  • Clean the puja place and decorate it with flowers and lights. Keep the necessary puja materials such as oil lamps, instance sticks, cow ghee, fruits, sweets, vermilion, sandalwood paste, etc.
  • Install the idol of Lord Shiva or a Shivling on the podium. Start the puja by offering Gangajal to the Lord and then do the Panchamrit Abhishek of the Shivling or the idol of Lord Shiva.
  • Apply sandalwood paste on the idol of the Lord and offer bilva leaves, bhog, white flowers, datura flower and rice.
  • Then read the Somvar Vrat Katha with utmost devotion and a pure heart.
  • Again, perform the Aarti of Lord Shiva in the evening by lighting a ghee lamp. Offer water and flowers to the Shivling and the Moon.
  • It’s considered auspicious to visit a Shiva temple on the Somvar Vrat day during the morning Puja or evening Aarti.

Benefit of Somvar Vrat

Solah somvar vrat is believed to cleanse the mind body and soul.

  • The fast helps in seeking forgiveness,  promoting self, discipline and cultivating devotion towards Lord Shiva.
  • It encourages physical wellness, emotional stability, and spiritual development.
  • Those who practise Shiva worship frequently feel a greater inner serenity and bond with the Lord.
  • It is said to bestow blessings fulfill wishes and bring spiritual growth.

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