2023's Most Popular Celebrity-Loved Jewellery Brands Revealed – Explore Now!

Celebrity loved 2023 Jewellery Brands

Here, we look at a few of the 2023’s Most Popular Celebrity-Loved Jewellery Brands and their designers. In the world of fashion, celebrities frequently establish trends, and this is also true of jewellery. New jewellery companies that have won over the hearts of our favourite celebrities have emerged in the year 2023. If you want to manage your money wisely while remaining fashionable, you should look into these celebrity-endorsed jewellery brands.

Jewellery may completely change the look of an outfit. Even the plainest clothes can become cheery with it. Some of best jewellery companies and jewellery designers are listed below. Women who wear jewellery can savour their own femininity and feel incredibly special and gorgeous. Women are naturally quite passionate about it.

Celebrity loved jewellery brand

Hyderabad-based A well-known jewellery designer is Suhani Pittie. It’s wonderful that women of different ages and fashion tastes enjoy Suhani Pittie’s statement jewellery items.
She founded her own training centre at the tender age of twenty and most recently took home the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Retail Guild, India.

She has created pieces for Bollywood stars, is the first Indian jewellery designer to exhibit at Miami Fashion Week. The designer is credited with revolutionising the Indian jewellery business with her contemporary perspective on age-old handicraft methods.

Celebrity loved jewellery

In 2006, Varuna D Jani introduced her label, “Varuna D Jani,” and in 2008, she opened the company’s main store. Her company has always been forward-thinking and unafraid to stand out.

Varuna D. Jani is a well-known and accomplished figure in the jewellery design industry. Her creative approach to jewellery design has brought her praise and a loyal following. She has succeeded in redefining the idea of decoration through her creations, which convey meaning and arouse feelings. Varuna D Jani’s ingenuity and craftsmanship continue to make a lasting impression on the high-end jewellery industry.

Celebrity-Loved Jewellery Brands

Asha & Kamal Modi established Art Karat in 1988 with the goal of developing an alternative line of jewellery that is made of silver, exclusively features genuine precious and semi-precious gemstones, and earns the same level of respect as jewellery made of gold.

Whatever a woman is wearing, Asha’s creations gracefully complement a wide range of both traditional and western tastes. Asha has created jewels for more than 10 popular Bollywood films, some of which are “Bajirao Mastani,” “Devdas,” “Zubeida” “Monsoon Wedding,” “Kamasutra,” “Ram-leela.”

Celebrity-Loved Jewellery Brands

Gemologist and well-known jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali had her professional training in 1992–1993 at the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, California, where she placed first in her class.

She spent more than 16 years concentrating on and working in the film industry, but she also explored other things before discovering that jewellery creation was her true calling. A satisfied customer is Farah’s greatest reward.

The top craftsmen in the nation create all of Farah’s jewellery, and each piece is painstakingly created from the design stage to the finished stage. The majority of her creations are unique and rarely seen elsewhere.

Celebrity-Loved Jewellery Brands

Preeti Jain’s career shift from doctor to designer was quite a diversion, but her “Jewels by Preeti” collection was one of the show-stopping selections during the 2012 India International Jewellery Week(AUGUST 20, 2012, IN MUMBAI ). You can choose from a wide selection of accessories at Jewels by Preeti for all of your wedding-related events and also from basic to heavy.


Celebrity-Loved Jewellery Brands

Myrha by Rhea Bothra, a trendy jewellery brand in Jaipur, produces millennial-friendly designs.She requires jewels not just for the wedding but also for the reception.They keep up with the latest trends in fashion and style and are knowledgeable about what the modern Indian bride desires. Their wide range of exquisite and unique jewellery designs will leave you speechless.

Furthermore, Bollywood stars like Madhuri Dixit Nene, Nushrat Bharucha, and Katrina Kaif have endorsed this modern brand.

These celebrity-favorite jewellery lines offer a sneak peek at the trends and looks that are sweeping the fashion industry as we head into 2023. Exploring these businesses can assist you in making wise financial decisions while enhancing your personal style, whether you are a devoted fan of celebrity fashion or simply someone who values quality and innovation. Each brand offers something distinctive to the table, from sustainability to opulence, ensuring that your jewellery collection remains as varied and alluring as the stars who serve as its inspiration.

Celebrity-Loved Jewellery Brands

Nitya Arora launched the accessories brand Valliyan in 2008. one of the most prominent and youthful businesspeople in the Indian Gems and Jewellery industry. Her brand is distinctive because it is a demi-fine jewellery design, which is uncommon. Her label focuses mostly on portraying Indian heritage in the most modern and westernised way possible. Additionally, she received the Graziyan Young Designer award.

In the New York market, her creations are well-liked and well-received. She has received a tonne of celebrity endorsements, from Hollywood to Bollywood. Aisha, starring Sonam Kapoor, is one of the Bollywood films for which Valliyan created the accessories.

Celebrity-Loved Jewellery Brands

Since 2009, the brand has presented distinct runway shows at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai, and it is regularly highlighted in publications like Vogue, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Grazia, Cosmopolitan, etc. Each item is created by skilled craftsmen in Kolkata as part of a concept to preserve techniques that have been handed down through decades but are being lost to mass production.

The “Eina Ahluwalia” brand is famous for its high-end jewellery that combines art, fashion, and design.


Who is world best jewellery designer?

world best jewellery designers are 




  • CAROLINA BUCCI-Florence, Italy

Who is  best indian jewellery designer?

best indian jewellery designers are

  • Varuna D Jani
  • Suhani Pittie
  • Asha Kamal Modi(Artkarat)
  • Farah khan Fine Jewellery
  • Preeti Jain
  • Myrha By Rhea Bothra
  • Nitya Arora
  • Eina Ahluwalia

What jewellery are celebrities wearing?

Celebrities’ Favourite Jewellery Designers are Listed below:

  • Statement necklaces
  • Diamond studs
  • Cuff bracelets
  • Drop earrings
  • Diamond solitaires Jewels

What kind of jewellery is popular in 2023?

Kind of jewellery popular in  2023 are

  • Mixed Metals Necklaces
  • Beautiful emeralds
  • shoulder-drop earrings
  • classic pearls jewellery 
  • Diamonds with an oval brilliant cut

What is the trend in jewelry in 2023?

The trend in jewelry in 2023 is Stones with newer cuts and innovative forms will become more popular as the jewellery industry develops. Shapes like briolettes, trilliants, trapezes, and asschers are prominent among them.

Which metal is in style for 2023?

Metal is in style for 2023 is Gold.

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