Janmashtami 2023: Celebrating the Divine Birth of Krishna

Janmashtami 2023

Janmashtami 2023, the joyous festival that commemorates the birth of Lord Krishna, is a time of devotion, celebration, and spiritual reflection. This year, as we prepare to mark this auspicious occasion on 6 September 2023. let’s delve into the heart of Janmashtami and explore the timeless teachings and legends surrounding Lord Krishna

God has taken human form whenever sin and iniquity have reached unmanageable levels on earth. Lord Vishnu took on a human form in order to accomplish various goals. Lord Vishnu took the form of Shri Krishna.

Importance of Krishna Janmashtmi

The anniversary of Lord Shri Krishna’s birth is observed with a lot of pomp. At the Krishna Janmabhoomi, thousands of devotees from all over the nation and the world congregate. After a full day of fasting, men, women, and children break their fast by drinking Panchamrit when the temples are consecrated at midnight. In addition to Krishna Janmabhoomi, it is celebrated in opulence in Dwarkadhish, Bihariji, and all other temples, where there is a large audience.

How do we celebrate Krishna Janmashtami?

Devotees observe fast on Janmashtami according to their devotion. Special worship is offered to Lord Krishna. Bal Gopal was born at midnight. Therefore, on the midnight of the date of Janmashtami, the idol of Laddu Gopal present in the house is given birth. Then they are bathed and made to wear beautiful clothes. Flowers are offered and worship is done with incense and lamps. Food is offered to Kanha. He especially likes milk, curd and butter. That’s why Prasad is distributed to everyone after offering food to God.

Why and how is Dahi Handi celebrated?

On the day of Janmashtami, Dahi Handi is organized in several localities. Particularly in Gujarat and Maharashtra, it is significant. Dahi Handi’s history is quite fascinating. In his early years, Kanha was exceedingly mischievous. He was well-known across the entire community for his pranks. Kanhaiya loved curd, butter, and more curd.

Because he and his companions loved butter so much, they used to break into villager’s homes to take it. Women used to save the butter by hanging the butter pot from Kanha at a height, but Bal Gopal and his friends would build a pyramid and take the butter from the pot.

During Janmashtami, a pot of butter is hanged on the block as a reminder of these naughty behaviour of Krishna. The boys make dancing pyramid and smash the until the pot is completely destroyed. This is known as Dahi Handi, and the boy who makes it to the top is known as Govinda.

Krishna Birth Story

A tyrant ruler by the name of Kansa reigned over the ancient city of Mathura. He was Lord Krishna’s maternal uncle. Kansa would die at the hands of his sister Devaki’s eighth son, according to a heavenly prophesy. Kansa put Devaki and her husband Vasudeva in prison out of fear for this prophecy.

Devaki gave birth to seven kids throughout the years, all of them met a horrible end at the hands of Kansa. But on a stormy night in the month of Shravan, the eighth son, Lord Krishna, was born. Divine miracles happened at His birth, opening the prison doors and sending the guards into a profound sleep.

Vasudeva placed the infant Krishna in a basket and crossed the turbulent Yamuna River carrying Him to the village of Gokul where He would be secure from Kansa’s clutches. Vasudeva was led by a celestial light. Nanda and Yashoda, Krishna’s foster parents in Gokul, nurtured Him with compassion.

Krishna’s innate divinity became more and more clear as He matured. He accomplished several miracles, vanquished demons, and won the hearts of the populace. His charming flute playing and playful antics captivated everyone’s hearts, and His teachings on dharma (righteousness) and devotion still serve as an example to millions of people today.

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