Navaratri Colours 2023: Top Outfit Ideas Based on Navaratri Colors: Best Deals

Navaratri colours 2023

In the country, the Hindu festival Navratri is celebrated twice a year: once in the months of Chaitra is between March–April and Sharada Navratri is between October–November of the year 2023. In all of these months, there is a nine-day festival called Navratri that bears the name of the number nine and ratri in Sanskrit. Each of the nine Navratri colors, which are chosen for these nine days, has a specific meaning.  Let’s explore the meaning of the navaratri colors that is connected to each day of the festival.


Nine Navratri Colors for 2023 and Their Meanings


  • Day 1-15 October 2023-Orange
  • Day 2 – 16 October 2023-White
  • Day 3- 17 October 2023-Red
  • Day 4 – 18 October 2023-Royal Blue
  • Day 5 – 19 October 2023-Yellow
  • Day 6- 20 October 2023-Green
  • Day 7 -October 21, 2023-Grey
  • Day 8-October 22, 203-Purple
  • Day 9 -October 23, 2023- Green Peacock


Navaratri colours 2023– orange

Navaratri Colours 2023 Day 1-15 October 2023 Orange

Start Navaratri with the vibrant color Orange, a color that represents vigor and passion,  For a lively appearance, choose an orange lehenga-choli with detailed mirror work or an orange silk saree with a matching blouse.

Navaratri dress-Navaratri colours 2023


Navaratri Colours 2023 Day 2 16 October 2023 White

The color for Day 2 is white, which stands for purity and dignity. A serene and ethereal appearance can be achieved with a white anarkali suit with delicate lace details or a white saree with silver jewellery.

Navaratri Colours 2023 Day 3 17 October 2023 Red

For Day 3, red, the color of passion and love, is excellent. To make a statement, choose a red lehenga with excellent embroidery or a crimson Banarasi saree with golden studs.

Navaratri colours 2023- navaratri dress

Navaratri Colours 2023 Day 4 18 October 2023 Royal Blue

On Day 4, the most prevalent color is royal blue, which denotes reliability and richness. For a sophisticated look, choose a royal blue gown with detailed beadwork or a royal blue saree with silver accents.


Navaratri colours 2023 -navaratri outfits

Navaratri Colours 2023 Day 5 19 October 2023 Yellow

Yellow Color for day 5, which stands for positivity and new beginning. Choose a lovely yellow saree and ornate gold jewellery, or go for a kurta set with golden accents for a timeless appearance.

Navaratri colours outfit ideas

Navaratri colours 2023- green

Navaratri Colours 2023 Day 6- 20 October 2023-Green

On the sixth day, embrace green, which stands for harmony and growth. For a contemporary twist, go for a green Anarkali suit with exquisite embroidery or a green lehenga with a contrasting shirt.

Navaratri colours 2023: grey

Navaratri Colours 2023 Day 7 -October 21, 2023-Grey

The seventh day’s color grey, stands for stability and strength. A grey kurta with silver jewelry or a grey silk saree with silver accents can radiate class and charm.

Navaratri Colours 2023 Day 8-October 22, 203-Purple

Color for the day 8, purple, the color of wisdom and spirituality, is ideal. For a regal appearance, choose a purple silk saree with gold accents or a purple lehenga with ethnic jewellery.

Navaratri colours 2023: purple saree

Navaratri Colours 2023 Day 9 -October 23- Green Peacock

The ninth Navratri color, Peacock Green, is used to honor the goddess Siddhidatri. It symbolizes kindness, peace, and affection and marks the final day of Sharad Navratri in 2023.

Navaratri colours 2023 peocok green

In addition to being a festival, Navaratri is a fashion attraction where each color has a special meaning. By using these color-based dress suggestions for Navaratri, you may follow tradition while still looking your best during this auspicious event. Improve the enjoyment of style and enter the festive mood with grace, elegance, and magnificent colours.

Frequently Asked Questions

The traditional nine colors for Navratri in 2023 are orange, white, red, royal blue, yellow, green, grey, purple, and peacock green. These colors are used to represent each of the goddesses honored throughout the festival.

According to the Drik Panchang, the colors are chosen based on the day of the week the celebration starts. The weekday on which Navratri begins, or the date on which Ghatsthapna or Pratipada falls, determines the first color of the festival, and the subsequent eight days follow a set cycle of colors. The color of the day honors various forms of the goddess Durga.

Colours of navaratri change every year beacause of the color scheme to be used is determined on the day Navratri officially begins. For each day of Navratri, we receive a new set of colors every year.

Navaratri colors based on the day of the week on which the festival begins. The colors also fluctuate since these change yearly in accordance with the lunar Hindu calendar.

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