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Add Some Lucky Feng Shui Decor Pieces to Your Diwali Decor—5 Must-Haves

The festival of lights, Diwali, is a time to rejoice, rejuvenate, and welcome good fortune. Homes come alive during this time of year with vibrant décor, oil lamps, and exquisite rangoli patterns. This Diwali, think about adding some Feng Shui into your Diwali decor to draw prosperity and good vibes into your life. The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui places a strong emphasis on setting up your surroundings to encourage balance and harmony. You may bring prosperity and well-being into your home and boost the festive mood by adding a few lucky Feng Shui decor items.

Diwali Decor with Feng sui Items

To enhance your Diwali decorations, consider adding these five essential Feng Shui decor pieces:

Diwali decor

Lucky Bamboo

Prized for its positive energy and symbolic meaning, the Lucky Bamboo is a common Feng Shui plant. It is thought to bring money, happiness, and good fortune. To bring wealth and prosperity during Diwali, put a lucky bamboo plant in a lovely pot or vase and place it in the southeast or eastern corner of your house.

Wealth Symbols

Add Feng Shui symbols for wealth and fortune to your Diwali décor. Place objects prominently on your mantelpiece or in your living room, such as the Laughing Buddha, which symbolizes happiness and fortune, or the Chinese Money Frog, also called the Three-Legged Toad, which denotes prosperity. Make sure they face the front of your house to greet prosperity and wealth.


Diwali decor
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Gemstones and Crystals

In Feng Shui, gemstones and crystals are powerful items. Use crystals for Diwali, such as amethyst, which has a calming aura, or citrine, which is linked to wealth and abundance. These crystals can be hung as decorations in your house or set on your coffee table or in a pretty bowl.

Red and Gold Decor

In both Chinese and Indian traditions, the colors red and gold are seen as fortunate. Use these colours in your décor this Diwali. Gold denotes success and money, while red stands for love and happiness. To add to the festive mood, use wall hangings, tablecloths, cushions, and candles in shades of red and gold.

Wind Chimes

To promote the flow of positive energy and fend off negative influences, hang a set of wind chimes outside your home or in your garden. Wind chimes provide a calming effect that also encourages harmony and good fortune.


A harmonious and successful environment can be created in your home by fusing the colorful customs of Diwali with the ancient knowledge of Feng Shui. Keep these five essential Feng Shui decor items in mind when you deck your place for the festival of lights. They will not only make the celebration more lively, but they will also bring luck and good vibes into your life. I hope this Diwali brings you lots of happiness, light, and prosperity.

Frequently Asked Questions.

The best feng shui items for positive energy and home protection are wind chimes, frogs, tortoises, evil eyes, and lucky bamboo.

These five decorative items are said to bring good fortune into a home.
horse statue. A horse is thought to bring good fortune into a home since it is a symbol of strength, loyalty, and prosperity in all facets of life. Bamboo plants, fish figures, dream catchers, lotus symbols.


Use Red, Purple, Gold or Green to Attract Money.

Feng shui is defined as “the way of water and wind.” Feng shui is a classic Chinese method that promotes harmony and balance in your house through the use of plants, colors, furniture placement, and other elements.

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